Question and answer

Thank you for inquiring about green fee play at Oslo Golfklubb. Bookings more than three days before play has to be pre paid. Her are som frequently asked questions in that regard.

Is it possible to pay greenfee for non-members to play Bogstad?

Yes, however we have some restrictions. Greenfee players must have a maximum handicap of 32 (both men and women). We accept green fee play at all times except week-ends between 09.00-12.00 hrs and Thursdays after 12.00 hrs.

What is the greenfee price?

We charge NOK 2.400 per person for a round of golf. Max 8 players.

How do I reserve a tee time for me (and my friends)?

You have to send us an e-mail; with your inquiry including: name of players, handicap and date of play.
We will check availability and respond accordingly. Reservations are not valid without a final confirmation from the club.

What are the rules for cancellation?

Bookings have to be paid when booked.
If cancelled more than 7 days prior to play: the total amount paid less NOK 500/player will be refunded.
If cancelled less than 7 days prior to play: No money will be refunded.

What if I stop playing and leave the course in the midle of my round. Do I get a refund ?

If you stop playing due to bad weather (rain / wind / temperature) there is no refund.
If the club stops play due to thunder and lightning, the only reason we stop play, we will issue a «rain check».

Can I rent golf clubs, trolleys and golf carts?

Yes, we have golf clubs and trolleys, both push and electrical trolleys, for rent.
We do not rent golf carts unless you can provide a doctors certificate to prove the necceccity to use one while playing golf.
Prices: golf clubs NOK 350, push trolley NOK 70, electric trolley NOK 150.

Is there a driving range at the club?

Yes. 200 meters distance to bottom of fence.

Is there a locker room where we can change and store a bag?

Yes, we have a locker room. Shower and towels are provided. We have lockers for rent if you need to lock in your bag while playing.

Is there a restaurant at the club?

Yes. Our restaurant is called «Spiseriet» and have both lunch and dinner menues. Check their web page for menu and prices.

How much time should I expect to use for a round of golf at Bogstad?

Normally a round of golf takes approximately 4 hours, maybe an additional 20 minutes some days.

How far is the course from the airport and city center?

It will take 45-50 minutes from the airport (Gardermoen) and 20 minutes from the city center to drive to the golf club unless you hit rush hour.